March Madness : At Least HRWager Gives Us What We Want

What a St. Patricks Day March Madness gave us one the first day of full field action!..Good Morning to the HRWager nation as we need a second cup of coffee to recover from that one.  We will examine some of the profitable upsets and lament on what it could have been if the committee put more mid majors in.  All of this coming to you right now here at the HRW.

March Madness : Immediately

Right off the bat, the nation got a scare while rooting against the team most people loathe this year.  Duke’s Grayson Allen is the poster boy of privilege gone wrong as he tripped two players in the short span of a month.  UNCW ran at them and sought to exploit a thin Blue Devil’s bench.  Duke would prevail but this is the dynamic that people crave.  Close games between the established and those wanting to make a name for a single season.

Laundry List

  1. Butler 71-61 over Texas Tech
  2. Yale beat Butler by 4
  3. UALR triumphs over Purdue in 2 OT.
  4. Wichita State Whomps Arizona by ten
  5. An #11 Seed Gonzaga beats Seton Hall by Sixteen!

Not every smaller school did the improbable.  Higher seeds held form for the most part but the what if’s have to be in our heads.  All those extra teams from the Big Ten and Big 12 might be fodder.  Surely a St. Mary’s or Valpo could have been competitive over the hum drum UConn vs Colorado throw in games the committee gave us.

What saved us on Thursday.  Two Things.  First was a national drinking holiday with ladies adorned in scantily green outfits.  Second is that you can profit from these games.  Can you imagine a world without HRWager?  The ordinary events and even the big ones like the Final Four would pale!  Investing in your opinions and proving you are right to your friends by buying that next round of drinks is invaluable.  Increase the meaning of sports and invest in HRWager today.


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