March Madness : Bracket Breakdown

Sunday evening brought the announcement that got printers working overtime with the brackets for March Madness.  From the play in teams to the titans that got the #1 seeds, most everyone wants to pit their skill against friends, work mates, and of course the sportsbooks.  HRWager is here to not only field your wagers but get the deposits processed so you have maximum flexibility with your sports investment.  Do not get shut out this time of season from making the bold decisive moves.

March Madness : First Four

The small and the stalled make it to the First Four.  Games in which two types of themes play out.  #16 seeds battle it out for the right to walk in front of the firing squad of a #1 seed.  Second is that extra game that those bubble teams must play to get in.

  1. Vandy against Wichita State (#11) with the winner to face #6 south seed Arizona.
  2. Holy Cross and Southern (#16’s) get the right to get blown out in the West against #1 seed Oregon.
  3. Florida Gulf Coast vs Fairleigh Dickinson (#16’s) to face the #1 Tarheels in the east.
  4. Michigan and Tulsa tangle at #11 play in.  The Fighting Irish will wait for them also in the east.


Kings of the World : Your #1 Seeds


March madness


  1. East : North Carolina
  2. South : Kansas
  3. Midwest : Virginia
  4. West : Oregon

Surprised that Michigan State was shut out of the #1 seeds.  Oklahoma could not make it two Big 12 teams as #1 seeds.  Virginia did not win their conference tournament yet got one.  A lot of people were surprised at the overall impression that the Pac-12 had in the eyes of the committee.  The start of the selection show already had a few eyebrow raisers with the elite seeds.


So join us here at HRWager as we break down all the brackets early in the week.  Also we get you off on the right foot with the play in games.  Allow your sports bankroll to grow and enjoy the best two weeks in sports.  Embrace March Madness with your friends here at the HRW.



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