March Madness Contest : Big Prizes

March Madness Contest

A March Madness Contest that directly correlates superior wisdom to tangible prizes.  This is just one of the perks that is available to the clients at HRWager.  Here we have a deposit promotion available to basketball fans with the extra equity of additional Free Pick Prizes or a 55 inch LED television.  Now is the time to top off those accounts to give you the maximum flexibility of converting your knowledge into cash today.


March Madness Contest : Big Prizes

Brackets have their place in the Final Four but it is the ability to adapt that is that fine line between good and the elite handicapper.  Hosted by The Gambling Forum, there will be a series of picks that progress through each round.  Not only does it give the games even more meaning but allows one to shift strategy.  Will Xaiver’s defense allow them to cover spreads?  Can Tom Izzo of Michigan State work his magic and advance to the Final Four?  The ability to handle the impromptu decisions in this contest will pay off dividends with these prizes.

  1. 55 Inch LED TV
  2. $500 Free Play
  3. $250 Free Play
  4. $150 FP
  5. $100 FP

How Do I Enter?

HRWager are a proud sponsor of The Gambling Forum.  The site where superior minds converse about sports and other important issues will be hosting it.  Here is the thread where  the rules are.  TO gain entry, just deposit $200 or more in between 2/25 and 3/10.  After that, just reply in the thread that you are in and you are on your way.  A series of picks on how many per round will  be given.  Come in the top 5 to claim your prize.  Extra equity right at your fingertips.

Take advantage of the situation today.  The mid major conference tournaments have started.  Next week are the major conferences and then March Madness.  We all enjoy the spectacle but now it has extra relevance.  Allow your intuition to take home extra cash.  Good fortune to you all and we will see you later today here at the HRW.



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