March Madness is Here 3/18 Free Pick

What a day to be had as March Madness is finally here.  We have had the appetizers in the First Four with much closer games last night than the eve before.  With wins by Holy Cross and Michigan, the field is now set.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my fellow Americans.  Raise a glass of green dyed beer and let us toast.  To wagering success today as we finish the brackets and hit password confirm on our investments today.

March Madness : Best Value First Round

March Madness

Simply put, Cal is a team built for tomorrow that will succeed on Friday.  A 2PM start time against the Rainbows of Hawaii sees a – 6 1/2 point spread on the Golden Bears.  In their lineup, we are going to be witness to three potential NBA lottery picks.  So much talent and it is set to explode on a national stage.  They face a Hawaii team whose KenPom ranking is way down at #60.  A gaudy 27-5 is tempered by the fact that their strength of schedule is shockingly low for a tournament team.


Too Much Credit Against Oklahoma

People point towards Hawaii’s 18-0 run against the Sooners to say they can hang with this Cal team.  It is true that WCC player of the year, Stefan Jankovic, has the size at 6’11” but has the flaw that most of this team has.  They favor the three point shot but are not proficient at it.  This greatly reduces the back door cover potential of 6 1/2.  Rainbow defense is good with man to man that can double team.  However, the talent of the Bears stars on the court will over load this and produce too many jailbreak chances for easy buckets.

This is where your March Madness first round should be focused.  Why?  Cal will benefit from easy buckets because their talent will overwhelm a good Hawaii defense.  On the other side, Rainbow nation makes it more difficult in their penchant of taking shots deep that are not optimal for their team.  In the end, Cal crushes to a double digit win.  Invest on Cal – 6 1/2 and drink up today as the floodgates are open with potential on this 3/18 game.


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