March Madness : Oregon vs Oklahoma 3/26

A war on two fronts is the highlight of the West Regional Final for March Madness.  March 26th will see Oregon and Oklahoma facing off at 6:09 PM for the right to go to the Final Four.  Oregon has the advantage in the front court while the Sooners have Buddy to bolster their back court.  Two great games on Saturday to speculate upon here at HRWager.  Currently, most have this game as a pickem but there is an exploit to be had here for us to profit on.

March Madness : Closing Speed

March Madness 3/26

Oregon has the ability to close in defensively both in the vertical and horizontal planes.  This was what frustrated Duke when the Ducks beat them by over ten points on Thursday.  When Oregon had to play top tier teams they came through as seen by their 6-0 record against the top 25.  The big three of Duke had decent nights but everyone else was held down.  Oklahoma will face this same swarm of talent.  Look for the Ducks to dominate in the front court and with their speedy guards, can a one man gang keep up on Saturday?

LOL Texas AM

Sooners slammed the door on AM by closing the first half with a 39-13 run.  The difference between Duke and AM is that the Aggies are offensively impotent.  Buddy was managed to keep in check during the first half.  He got his 22 points when the rout was on.  This is a good news bad news scenario that came from their 77-63 win.  Woodard came up big for Oklahoma and will give the Ducks a second person to cover.  Bad news is that the Aggies were so pathetic that this is not the best team to gauge the Sooners being challenged.

Why is this game a pickem?  Two reasons.  One is that the Pac-12 outside of Oregon has collapsed.  Secondly is that the Sooners now have a viable second threat.  Buddy Hield will get a boatload of points here.  Up and down the court will have him thrive but it is the atmosphere that the Ducks will soar.  Take the Oregon moneyline for your profit of the day.  Good fortune and we will see you on Sunday here at HRWager.

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