March Madness : Processing All the Action 3/21

Almost to the end did March Madness manage to wring every drop of excitement from an epic weekend of action.  Monday Morning has arose and it is time to take stock with your friends here at HRWager.  Not only to revel in what was but take a glimpse at the road ahead for the sixteen remaining teams.  How can a team blow a 12 point lead in under 45 seconds and still hang in for two overtimes?   This is just one of the late developments to put the exclamation mark on a frantic weekend of wagering action.

March Madness : All That and Still Covered

March Madness 3/21

No one knows the words to say to Northern Iowa to make it right this morning.  Up 12, they lost almost all composure inbounding the wall.  It was a mess and pivotal to Texas A & M’s 92-88 double overtime win.  Not once but twice, the players tried that old throw the ball hard at your opponent to get it back out of bounds.  Alas, all it translated into were two inlet passes for Aggies lay ups.  Norther Iowa even hit a home run pass for a dunk with less than 18 seconds left.  Those that bet ATS on Northern Iowa at least had some solace and profit in their pocket from them keeping it within +7 by the end.



The committee should get a pat on the back.  Mostly competitive games with the stronger schools making it through.  We have a battle of two ten or lower seeds that will see a double digit team in the Elite Eight.  An all time traditional matchup with Indiana against North Carolina.  Regional love with Wisconsin taking on Notre Dame.  We also have early lines on two teams that just pulverized the opposition last weekend.  Villanova -4 1/2 against Miami seems almost too good to be true.  Also Kansas may have found someone that can stand up to them in the likes of Maryland.  Great action starting on the 24th for March Madness.

So let us get those bankrolls in shape or process some cashouts today.  To the victors, congratulations on cashing in.  Those that did not see all the ramifications of the mayhem, hang in there.  Kansas and Villanova will give you the stability that your wallet needs.  Deposit and unload on these teams in the upcoming week.  Good fortune to all of us today and we will see you later on here at the HRW.


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