Mariners-Royals Money Maker for July 8th


Movement on the Mariners-Royals has been plenty even though it has resulted in the current line being right at where it started.  Good Morning and welcome back to HRWager.  Tonight we see a Seattle game in which KC got the early sharp action only to see a correction to right back at the -105/-105 ML opener.  The total of the game has inched upward from 8 to the 8 1/2 level.  So which team will benefit from an environment where more offense is projected.  Let us see for this Friday, July 8th game that starts at 8:15PM EST!

Mariners-Royals : Runs Galore?

Continuing on our summer theme of starting pitching and momentum, both sides have their hurlers tonight leaking runs coming into this one.  Let us look at to what extent they have been ravaged in their last three games.

  1. Ventura KC 1.4oWHIP with a 10:3 (k to BB) resulted in a 6.91 ERA and 1-2 record as of late.
  2. Iwakuma  has a higher WHIP of 1.79 , 10:4 but a lower ERA of 5.71.

This is going to be key until the All-Star break next week.  Rest and restoration might derail their last three starts and their relevancy for the middle of July but for right now it is still in full force.  That is why the persistent wagering on this game has been on the over of the total which stands at 8 1/2.

Salient Points

Both Seattle (43-43) and KC (43-41) are performing slightly under par compared to expectations this season.  In particular, the Mariners are woefully short in the wins department compared to their other stats.  129 home runs is the second best in the majors.  Their pitching staff is top five in the AL in terms of Earned Run Average.  Their defense has screwed the pooch for them.  Too many lapses have resulted in innings that have lead to routs.  Could you believe that this Mariners team has lost nine in a row on the road. Inexcusible considering their talent.

Easy game to peg for this one.  Lots of runs are in the forecast.  Seattle mired in such a losing streak on the road.  Dont look for the situation to correct itself until after the All Star Break.  Over 8 1/2 is the first free pick.  KC ML or even RL is in play considering the Seattle play away from home.  Good fortune in our free picks and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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