Mariners Tigers Free Pick for June 20th

Mariners TIgers


A pair of teams mired in losing streaks are featured in our Mariners Tigers Free Pick of Monday.  A balmy night with temps near the high 80’s with 40 percent humidity are ample conditions for the ball to be flying out of Comerica Park.  There has been lots of line movement in this one.  Just the ML or has the total shifted as well.  Read on to find out what could be causing the betting interests overnight by the sharps here at HRWager.

Mariners Tigers Free Pick : Totals Movement

With atmospheric conditions ripe, the line has indeed inched upward for the initial 9 1/2 offering.  It is now at a solid ten with the over still getting the brunt of the interest.  From +100 to -115 is now what one has to pay for this expected offensive explosion.  Two starters this evening that have bloated WHIPS and run production for different reasons.  Detroit has Pelfrey who is having major control issues as of late.  Ten walks in his last three starts has been the bane of his recent existence.  He is projected to have some control issues because of the necessity of painting the corners in this home run pleasant weather tonight.

Why Seattle ML Love?

A rash of injuries has the Seattle starters in short supply.  This is the main reason why Karns keeps getting starts.  A need for innings outdoes the 6.75 ERA in his last three.  He has also has a lot of walks at 12 but with 18 strikeouts, he has stuff that can better get him out of jams than Pelfry.  Seattle has the power necessary to make hay tonight.  The main reason for the Mariners going from a -115 road favorite to -138 or so is the status of the bullpens.

Detroit has had bullpen problems once again.  Even when they could hold for four extra innings in KC, they eventually gave way.  They are exhausted and prone to collapses.  HRWager has examined the situation and deduced the following.  Over ten is the proper investment here but should be a secondary consideration.  Seattle has the better chance to be victorious.  The ML on the Mariners has value until it reaches -155.  Good luck on the Mariners tonight and we will see you next time here at the HRW.

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