Marlins-Cardinals Prediction for July 16th


Marlins-Cardinals prediction comes on the cusp of a wild win by Miami last night.  Most of the good and bad of the Marlins was on display last night.  Dynamic offense and above average defense conflicts with inferior depth in the starting staff.  If Fernandez does not start then the big bats most likely have to come through.  It has to be this way again Koehler goes to the mound.  See how a horrid three game stretch has an odd line combination for us to ponder on 7/16 here at HRWager.

Marlins-Cardinals : Miami Needs to Hit Here

Tom Koehler is 6-7 with a 4.50 ERA for the season.  Miami would take that most certainly than his recent rash of disappointments.  Last three has seen.

  1. Whip over two
  2. 7.50 ERA
  3. Just four strikeouts

At least he is not walking anyone.  He can not get the average batter out right now.  St. Louis can produce more than their fair share of runs.  Making matters worse for Miami is that Wainright is going to the mound to face them.

Wainwright’s Fortunes

Adam has done well against the Pirates and Brewers but these are the big bats that are also hot for Miami he contends with.  Eight starts against them and he is under 2.50 ERA against Miami.  Only item about this trend is that he has only one start against them since.  He now faces a team with five hitters batting over .300.  So when the total comes in at just eight runs, we raised our eyebrows a little.

Easy play in this game.  Koehler could give up eight on his own.  Wainwright has been hot but has not faced this level of hitting during that stretch.  More fireworks as Miami tries to get a wild card this season. HRWager’s prediction for this one is for the total to go over eight runs.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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