MLB Action : Royals Visit Yankees 5/9

Good news for MLB action in May.  Most every team right now is hovering near the .500 mark in their last ten.  The only ones deviating from the pattern are the Cubs (9-1) and the Twins (1-9).  So when people are in a panic about the Royals (15-15), there is plenty of time to right the ship.  KC attempts a course change from their last 12 games as they open up a four game series against the Yankees.  Overnight lines have seen some linemovement against the Royals to improve their price to the +110 mark.  Which way will HRWager urge their customers to invest on this 7:05 PM start on May 9th?

MLB Action : Case for the Yankees

MLB Action 5/9

Most of the case for investing in the Yankees today seems to be pitching based.  Nova gets his first shot at starting this season after being demoted to the pen.  CC is hurt and this is the opportunity to convince the coaching staff to not send him back there.  His ERA is a tad high against the Royals as Eric Hosmer has both been hot against Nova and the league recently.  Rest of the Royals have been average at best against the NY starter.  The coveted bullpen reliever, Chapman, comes off of a 30 game suspension and should see some action today either way to break him into gameplay.

Love the Long Ball

New York must be salivating to get a ball with some pace to hit after losing to a knuckleballer last night.  Chris Young is starting for the Royals and his history of bad mistakes is still with him.  Eight home runs in six starts is cause for concern in this one.  Even though he is not strong on the road, some Yankee hitters have struggled against him.  Teixera and McCann can not hit a lick against him.  Ellsbury should still be out for this one with that hip injury still bothering him.  Young is 3-2 against the Yankees but a 4.62 ERA against them give the Yankees hope tonight.

Total has been nibbled at 8 1/2 but has not moved off of this level yet.  Royals have too many trends going against them here.  Recent numbers of .240 average with less than three runs scored per game are against them allowing 6.41 ERA in this twelve game stretch.  Yankees pitching staff has a good chance to break in pitchers and win the game.  NYY -120 ML should be your MLB action of the day.  Good fortune and we will see you later on today here at the HRW.

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