MLB All Star Snubs for 2016

MLB All Star Snubs

Every year discussion gravitates towards MLB All Star Snubs.  This fan favorite sees a glut of overly talented players in one position having a few quality candidates not make it to this game.  Other years the value of designated hitters go up or fall down. The 2016 edition has another trait come to the surface.  See what has changed in selection theory now that the winner of the game gets home field advantage in the upcoming World Series.


MLB All Star Snubs – Starters

Pressure is always on the managers to try and get everyone in the game.  Even though the game has meaning now, it is still all about the fans.  Let the people in San Diego see the entire roster.  With that and winning in mind, the managers have started shunning starters.  In the borderline picks, they will opt for more relievers now.  They are accustomed to coming in and intensely dealing for an inning.  So players like Trevor Bauer of the Indians and Aaron Sanchez of the Jays will have to watch from at home, on vacation, or in the stands for this one.

DH’s and the NL Central

Designated hitters have to put up otherworldly numbers in comparison to the fielding positions to get in.  This is why Viktor Martinez (Det) and Nelson Cruz (Sea) could not make the cut.  Meanwhile, the NL Central is dominated by Cubs so the other teams have a really hard time getting their players in.  Travesty that Polanco of the Pirates did not make it. Super stats and he is one of the few Pittsburgh players exceeding expectations this year.  Same can be said of the St. Louis closer.  Nicknamed the Final Boss for an homage of his Oriental heritage and Nintendo reference, he has slung it hard for a 0.91 WHIP and 57 strikeouts in 41 innings of work.  Hard to outshine the Cubs in the Central though.

Tuesday the 12th of July will be the All-Star Game.  We will have wagering on the events on Monday like the Home Run Derby.  Keep tuned to HRWager as we have more coverage of this uniquely American event.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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