MLB Free Agency : Chris Davis Resigns with Baltimore

One of the few remaining pivotal power hitters found a home for the next few years.  The AL East saw one of their own retain a superstar and preventing sliding off into the ocean.  Today saw the rumors cultivate into the impending announcement that Chris Davis is set to re up with Baltimore.  Find out how long and for the dollar amount.  Also what previously courted player is now still without a home this winter.

7 Year Mark


This is what Chris Davis was looking for.  The O’s had penned this long at a total cost of $150 million.  Davis and his agent, Scott Boras, said they wanted to try the open market.  This resulted in Baltimore yanking the offer and started to pursue Cespedes.  After finding the waters not so welcoming, the two parties got back together.  Now the deal is rumored to be $161 million for the same seven years.  This has a lot of good for Baltimore as this power hitter has made progress in reducing his strike out totals at the plate.  Also, he has been the heart and identity of the team these last few years.

Camden Yards

Both the player and the park seem tailored made for each other.  His talents and proclivity to hit in certain areas is ideal for the dimensions of the stadium.  The only real concern is that this deal will go through when he is 36 years of age.  Mid 30’s is the age when this style of hitter rapidly sees a decline in both his skill set and numbers at the plate.  In MLB terms, this is a long way off and the O’s have four good years to take advantage of this situation.

This deal dwarfs any previous deal that Baltimore has ever signed.  This thrifty franchise has nary eclipsed the 80 million mark yet alone gone to this heights.  HRWager applauds them because without him, the face of the team is gone.  Now where will Yeonis Cespedes end up? HRW will monitor his final destination and bring you that news when it comes forth.  Good fortune this weekend and we will see you  next time here at the HRW.

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