MLB Free Pick : 8/20 Up and Down Yanks RL

Our MLB Free Pick for 8/20 tries to divine the fluctuation in the Yankees runline.  This wager got bet down driving the price from +135 to as low as +110.  At this point, a rally was seen and now it is back up to +135.  What concerns are there or is it just wagering for value.  So let us look at the Indians as they visit the Bronx tonight.


MLB Free Pick : ML -150?! NO

A price difference of 85 gets our attention.  It is odd as Cleveland is essentially eliminated while New York fends off Baltimore and Toronto.  Not only that but in the heat of an August Bronx, the city beckons for the chance for players to spend their hard earned money.  To put it bluntly, there is extra value here because if NY falls behind they will still try.  An early Yankee lead equates to the Tribe tanking it to see the sights.  One cant say that but it is a reality for visiting squads to the Big Apple.

Advantage Nova

Tomlin has been terrible both as of late and against the Yankees.  A career 5.64 ERA means that the hot NY bats are in for some good swings this evening.  Nova has come back steady from injuries for a productive season with a mid three ERA.  On paper and historically, given these two starters equates to Nova having the edge.

Once you get runline gaps that near 100 in the American League, one has to question why the ML wager would be entertained.  There are not too many scenarios that will play out where the Yankees only win by one.  The Tribe at this junction and locale are very vulnerable to a blow out.  HRWager’s Free Pick of the Day is the Yankees RL.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRW.


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