MLB Free Pick : World Series Game One

Our MLB Free Pick for Game One of the World Series was in a state of flux for a long time.  Reason being that both teams played tit for tat with the starting pitching.  Initially, DeGrom was supposed to face Cueto.  Move and counter move transformed it into Matt Havery vs Volquez tonight.  Both have great stuff although Matt is the only one of the two to transform it into 2015 playoff success.  Let us examine which way the winds will blow in this essentially even moneyline matchup for 10/27.

MLB Free Pick : Breaking Down Volquez


KC has to contend with a Mets offense that has averaged six runs a game verses the very best the National League had to offer in aces.  Now they get this four pitch hurler.  Two different type of fastballs, combine with a changeup and curve that give hitters close to a ten mile per hour differential to cope with.  The key with him is how high he is getting his pitches against left handed batters.  In the middle or above has proven him to be very hittable.  He has been over throwing in the playoffs and this has seen his ERA jump to 4.32 and FIP to just under 4.50.

Settling In

So much time off will produce some ring rust to the fight the Mets will take on.  Cespedes is still gimpy with his pain killing shots to his left shoulder.  Murphy will have his hot bat cool down both due to the time off and the Royals game planning around him.  Harvey has done better in the playoffs but the perception that he is limping to the stretch is very accurate.  With the blow to his elbow, the long counts the Royals will force him to take the toll.

Easy choice for Game One.  Experinece and the fresher team take it.  Bet the Royals ML action for Game One for your optimal opportunity for profit in this one.  Good fortune and we will talk to you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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