MLB News : Angels Rise to Occasion in AL Wild Card

MLB NEws Angels

HRWager has a flash come across their MLB News wire.  The Los Angeles Angels have not only come back from the dead but have overtaken the Astros for the second spot in the wild card.  Even though Houston can tie them because they are one behind in the loss column, takes nothing away from their achievement.  Let us look at how they did it and if they can sustain and build upon their seven game winning streak.

MLB News : TY Mariners

After the Angels stomped the A’s into the ground 8-1, attention was turned to Seattle.  The Mariners scored two in the bottom of the sixth to tie it and got the insurance runs late to carry the day 6-4.  Cheers and a sense of relief could be felt throughout the club house as for one night the Angels have met expectations.  Handicappers now have to scramble to catch up on the developments on a team we thought were long dead.  While Giavotella might not be correct in that they are in complete control of their destiny, the five game push is all that there is left.  Tonight is was Tropeano that came out dealing as a late replacement in the starting rotation.  Clearly amped, he almost doubled his high in strikeouts in a game.

As Trout Goes

Better late than never, Mike Trout is on a roll gain.  He scored his 100th run last night and is the first to do it for the franchise during four seasons.  Pujols is giving it all even beyond what the fans can hope for.  He nimbly stole a base in the key fourth inning.  With the offense in high swing, the ML for the Angels tonight is -245.  A RL of -125 is in effect.  Is this too much too pass up?  Tune back later today and we will weigh in on this as the Angels roll onto a possible playoff spot!

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