MLB News Playoff Push Points to Ponder 9/8

With the Nationals getting de facto eliminated yesterday, the attention turns to races that can actually be won or lost.  HRWager will examine a key component that might make life a little rougher for them to catch Toronto.  Also we will have an update on Matt Harvey and what is next on the plate for the current test case of pitch count and recovery from injury.  All of this and more up to bat for you here on HRWager.

Eovaldi Shelved for Two Weeks



Clawing and scratching to a half game out of first, the Yankees can not seem to get the breaks as of late.  Word out of the Big Apple says that Nathan Eovaldi is going to be out of the rotation for two weeks. Elbow inflammation is the cause.  It is not that Nathan has world beater material with his over four ERA.  The fact is that the team just wins when he is on the mound.  By hook or by crook, a 14-3 record is hard to replace.  CC’s return on Wednesday will hopefully shore this up until his elbow goes down.

Harvey as a Dog Today

Washington had their money man go to the mound and the National’s hopes were dashed.  When your ace is given a grand slam and can not make it stick then perhaps this season is not meant to be.  Now Washington gets to face a highly motivated Matt Harvey.  Having a stellar year, Matt might be the new test case of pulling the plug on a pitcher once he gets to a certain number of innings for the year. His agent, Scott Boras, chimed in that it would be very reckless for his client to pitch much more during this year. Tonight might be the last unfettered start he has if the Mets can win and get the lead up to six games.  Zimmerman will be pitching against him in name but this is more Matt against the world of science and sports agents.

Our free pick of the day involves those Mets.  Even in the heart of the nation’s capitol, we are surprised that the Mets are the underdog.  They have swatted the Nationals for sport most of this year.  They recovered from letting up that grand slam yesterday.  Now they have their streaking offense bolstered by Matt Harvey’s arm today.  Easy pickings so take the Mets ML today.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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