MLB News : Wagering Woes to Continue on Toronto? 5/19

MLB News 5/19

MLB News from HRWager examines the struggles of a 19-23 Blue Jays team.  Last year, they were one of the feel good stories in all of baseball.  Now their stumble from the start was somewhat expected but has happened for some surprising reasons.  Beyond May should bring a mixed bag to Toronto investors.  What factors will come back to the norm?  Will the pitching fall back to the pack or have we underestimated their staff since Price left?  All of this right now for you at HRWager.


MLB News : One Year Wonder?

Maybe it was a perfect storm last year?  The combination of pitching with power bats meant big wins and monster momentum late in the season.  This time around, the bats are to blame for the slow start.  An offense fueled by big bats is not producing the long ball that it should.  17th in the league for total runs is reflected by their 20th in OPS.  Without the ability to cobble together runs, the reliance on power hitting will give you feast and famine numbers.  Our job is to determine which batters are slumping and who has had already had their time in the sun!  Edwin Encarnacion with a .241 is projected to be on the decline.  Troy no longer has the thin air in Colorado to bolster his numbers.  So while the bats will perk up, two of their team mates should have low years compared to their career numbers.

Starting Pitching

This has been the pleasant surprise but they are on the verge of wearing out.  Bullpen with a lot of good young arms is bickering and tanking.  Starters has a 3.73 ERA which is above average as a whole for baseball.  This is all you can really expect of them.  Without Price, this team was built on big offense creating the wins.  Without that, the starters are expected to downslide slightly starting in June.

Over the hill gang is seeking contract extensions.  Bautista wants a five year deal and him being 35 will be his last one.  Encarcion should just be let go after this season.  Toronto has enough talent to get to the .500 mark this summer.  Look for larger totals to come through almost immediately.  Examine the overs starting next week as a default mode for profit for your bankroll.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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