MLB News : Wild Times for California

MLB News

Two teams on the west coast make the grade for HRWager’s MLB News.  Great to see everyone here in this wrap up edition.  Dodgers had finally regained their division lead in the NL West only to be staring at the potential of being swept in a series last night.  Also not much happening to the Angels on the field.  Off of it is another story as the face of the franchise was in peril.  All of this right now for you at the HRW.

MLB News : Dodgers Rally to Save Division

Make no mistake that every game counts equal in the win/loss column.  Here we had a Dodgers team whose lead might have gone down to 1/2 game over the Giants if a miracle did not happen.  No major league team should lose an 8-2 lead in the eighth but the Rockies found a way to do that yesterday.  Three runs allowed in the eight brought the margin down to just three as LAD entered the ninth.  Yes it all came down to that proverbial one swing of the bat.  Only playing in Coors denied the justice of the walkoff as Toles hit a grand slam to put them ahead 10-8.  With spirit broken, Colorado was held scoreless in the ninth to help the Dodgers preserve the win.  This is how months are supposed to end to see an infusion of magic come September.

Finally, we want to extend well wishes to Mike Trout.  Not only does he have to endure the horrible work conditions but now the rides to and fro the field are danger filled.  A highway crash saw two people get hurt.  When the ER crews pull out the jaws of life then the fender bender was not mild.  Even though Trout was not hurt, one of the other passengers ended up going to the hospital.  If he did not have enough to deal with until golf season.  Good fortune in your sports betting today and see us again here at HRWager.


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