MLB Parlay for 4/25

MLB Parlay 4/25

April is almost at an end and now is the time for the MLB parlay to produce tremendous profit.  Happy Monday Morning to all here at HRWager.  On the horizon for April 25th are three strong games.  Strong pitchers in a premium position to pluck us profit.  Alas, each of these selections comes at least with -160 or more chalk in the moneyline.  Today’s solution is that we create a parlay to take one stab at a payday of over 2.5 to one.  Let us get down to the ingredients of this high powered potential.

MLB Parlay : April 25th

Here are the three games that we should pounce on right away.

  1. Reds at Mets
  2. A’s visiting the Tigers
  3. Padres playing in San Fransisco

All have very strong pitchers on the home teams we are taking.  It is important to go with the listed option instead of actions as our bets are very dependent on them throwing out the opening pitch.  New York is very attractive as their offense has gotten going since April 16th.  Iglesias for the Reds is a good pitcher but his WHIP of over 1.30 is a result of letting alot of hits in over his innings so far.  It will catch up to him today.

$100 into over $250 in Profit

Here is the allure of this.  Wager $100 and get that back plus over $250 more if this comes through.  Detroit has a dog tired Oakland team.  Tigers have that 0.00ERA Zimmermann going as well.  Finally, Madison is our man as his Gaints take the profoundly confused Padres.  This is what April baseball should be.  Lots of profit and a method to avoid the over -200 ML’s on some of these teams.

Good fortune to our Parlay today.  We will be back tomorrow here at HRWager as we look at the progression of the NBA and NHL playoffs.

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