MLB Prediction : Nationals Ready to Make Jump

MLB Prediction

Second half of the regular season coming up so that opens the door to an MLB Prediction.  Good Morning and welcome back to HRWager.  One can judge the merit or heart of a team by the leaders they have.  Showing up for a paycheck is responsible.  Giving it your all in a good situation is understandable.  However when one goes all out in a game that means very little for no pay then that person is a gamer.  The Nationals have one of those in their clubhouse and as a result are ready to make the jump to the World Series this year.

MLB Prediction :Scherzer’s Competitive Nature

Monster contract has caused complacency in a lot of middle aged arms.  Look at the bank robbery that David Price is attempting up in Boston.  He has his money and the edge that he rode on earlier in his career has most faded away.  Not the same can be said for the Nationals high priced purpose.  Max Scherzer would bring it most days on the mound.  Want to see his go to war attitude for the guys in the dugout.  Look no further than last night’s All-Star Game for the shining example in Washington.


Now what is the big deal about Max last night.  Well the fire and heat he brought to the exhibition can not be questioned.  He did not start the game but this did not get him down.  Max was not named to the team but was an alternate.  No problem.  Subbing for a team mate that got the nod instead of him.  Looked right past it.  Scherzer came in the sixth and dealt the heat.  Fastballs at 97 and 98 challenging some of the best in the game.  This was not throw the pitches up there and conserve the arm.  It was an all out assault on the batters.  That the game meant very little did not matter.  Team behind did not deter the attitude he came out with.  Love of the game and leadership skills he showed in spades last night.

All that Washington has lacked is chemistry.  A collection of stellar cogs that could not mesh.  Leadership roles were somewhat shunned.  Well Washington has its general now.  With Max leading by example, look for the Nationals to give more effort.  This and their ample talent translates into a series post season run.  Prediction is for them to vanquish all NL competition and make it to the World Series this year.  Good fortune to you and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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