MLB Review : Specialists or Jack of All Trades in World Series

Our MLB review for 10/29 takes off after a dominant win by the Kansas City Royals in Game Two.  While they did hold serve, no team likes going home down two games to nothing in the series.  Now HRWager will examine the theory of specialists verses a jack of all trades.  Essentially, a great part of the Mets success is based on their starting pitching.  Let us look at what the practical chances that their arms snap back into shape.

MLB Review : Harvey’s Thought


At least the theory of the Mets wearing down seems to be confirmed by Matt Harvey.  He indicates that he vastly underestimated the toll that going fro zero innings the year before to the over 200 innings that he has to sling this time around.  Only 80 pitches did he toss but from pitch one , he felt that he had to labor through every batter.  Now DeGrom was humming along in the early going when suddenly his pitches all went wayward right down the middle of the plate.

Other Teams Had to Do It

While pitchers in previous years had to encounter the same trials and tribulations, these Mets have one component that most other editions did not.  They throw so many pitches above the 95 mph mark.  Almost all of their young arms not only can do this but love to throw a high percentage at this clip.  When one feels the normal motion not produce the same pop then you insert extra effort to get there.  This is where the location starts to drift more than usual.  With such a varied attack that the Royals have, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the series is over.

Yet again the Mets are near a -140 favorite for Game Three.  While the cold weather will hurt the hands more when the bat makes contact, will Syndergaard face the same brownout in power production that his team mates did?  For a +120 price on the Royals, it is prudent to wager on them to try and slam the door shut on the series.  Take the Royals at that price to boost your bankroll on Friday.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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