MLB Tips : Winners and Losers 4/21

Profit is already in full swing at HRWager with our MLB Tips for April 21st.  After a few weeks, their are some patterns and teams to embrace.  Sadly on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are a few franchises to avoid to the end of April.  Avoid your bankrolls tailspin and soar into May with a bigger bankroll here at the HRW.

MLB Tips : Chicago White Sox

MLB Tips 4/21

Most of the American League Central is performing well at the moment.  While Minnesota is a sad 4-11, look at how everyone else is as .500 or above.

  1. White Sox 10-5
  2. KC 9-5
  3. Tigers 8-5
  4. Cleveland 6-6

Kansas City and the Tigers are currently battling with some riveting action to watch on the television.  Real bonus of this division are the White Sox.  Chris Sale in particular is making mincemeat.  His large contract is paying off better than David Price and a whole bunch of other higher signings.  The key is that he is not trying to strike out the world anymore.  Get those outs and keep the pitch counts down.  He goes deeper in games and his ERA has not suffered at 1.80.  White Sox in general are up +4.85 units if one went ML every time.  Focus on the run line with Chris Sale starts for that extra cash this spring.

Money Line Misery

Mets have rebounded from the misery to eek up to 7-7 for -3.26 units.  They were under four units for the longest time.  Teams like Minnesota and the Braves are easy to avoid to tail on a nightly basis.  We expect them to be what they are but what about those that are bursting our hearts.  Houston (5-10) at -6.81 Units and Miami (4-9) -6.51 are the underachievers of the moment according to the linesmakers.  Big on talent featuring nightly ML’s that still have the chalk on them.  The Astros’s have too much talent to tank for the entire season but how about Miami.  Last night the Nats got them 3-1.  The over under on Miami games is 7-6 so offense is not in short supply in their games.  Marlin hitters will go off and it is our job at HRWager to tell you when so you can get that profit when Marlins prices are down.

Here at HRWager, we will weekly review the trending teams to tell you which ones to embrace while fading the failures.  Good fortune today and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.



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