MLB Totals : Colorado at Dodgers 6/8

MLB Totals 6/8


MLB Totals that occur outside the Mile High City usually do not get the double digits that the thin air allows.  Less excitement without those gaudy numbers.  We are not concerned with that as a correct prediction pays us the same.  Good morning and welcome to HRWager.  Today we look at an excellent sports investment opportunity in the Colorado at Dodgers game.  So let us reap some profit for June 8th right now at the HRW.

MLB Totals : Two Hot Rockies

To the math mobile.  One of the ways that oddsmakers cope with assigning prices to all the MLB games each and every day is with mathematical models.  While a good starting point, they discount momentum of hot hitters over the course of the last week or two.  We have a couple of Rockies that have been tearing it up outside of Coors field this week.  So with a total of 7 1/2 and LA being near a -180 ML favorite, the team total of the Rockies should be at 3 1/2.

wOBA Stars of the Week

This is the key metric for offensive output in terms of momentum. Weight on base average quantifies the type of hit into a batting average type of figure.  We have two Colorado Rockies that are producing high wOBA’s with home runs in the last seven days.  Most of this production has been away from Coors Field.

  1. Arenado has four home runs and a wOBA of .557 this last week.  He is currently still surging in this realm.
  2. Carlos Gonzalez has the same number of home runs but his wOBA is .509 and might have one or two more games of heightened production.

With Maeda hitting the mound, the big hit attack of the Rockies could see five or more runs tonight at 10PM.  So we have either the over on the team total or the ML near +175 on the Rockies.

Free Pick is all about the willingness to gamble on June 8th.  Cautious bettors will invest on the team total over on the Rockies.  Aggressive types might go for the gusto on the +175 Rockies based on above average projected offense in this one.  Good fortune in whichever path you elect to trod on. We will see you later on today here at HRWager.


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