MLB Trade Deadline : Push to Prominence

Anticipating the destinations for the MLB Trade Deadline is invaluable for wagering both now and for the remainder of the season.  HRWager will break down some of the more anticipated high expectation move for baseball.  Teams that will be come sellers after years of being players at this time of year tend to fold faster than you teams on the rebuild.  So sit back and find out which teams might tank in the immediate future.

MLB Trade Deadline : Royal Rebuff

Baseball has changed via the success of the Giants and the Royals the last few years.  With teams like the Tigers getting shut down every year in the playoffs, the ability to create runs in the playoffs is off the chart in value now.  Even with this in consideration, playoff teams require one shutdown ace to get through.  Cueto is that man and both the Royals and Jays want him.  What was fascinating is that a deal was in place for KC to get him but fell through over medical concerns.  Now that the market has opened back up, Toronto must up the ante quite heavily to see him go north of the border.  If they do not get him then look for the traditional Jays swoon to be in effect at the third week of August.

MLB Trade deadline

Hamels to the Rangers?

What must Cole think when he keeps having his future linked with the Rangers.  It is not so much that this team does not have the potential but it goes to the second best division in baseball behind the NL Central.  The AL West already has the Angels and Astros.  Even the Mariners can not be given short shrift.  This would be a future move for the Rangers in 2016.  Estimate is that the deal does not get done with Texas.  Rangers totals will go on the over side as the bats will at least be strong for the rest of the year.

Finally, we look at some of the other high profile pitchers.  The Tigers dig in their heels and keep Price.  Also we have one name that is not a pitcher still linked to action.  Upton and the Padres are enduring a horrid season for a team that made many moves before the season.  They will set him free with the Pirates and Houston as the favorites.  With Kazmir on board, Astro nation might be in a mood to celebrate.  That being said, look for the Padres to have an uptick after trading Upton.  The immense pressure on them will be released by them becoming sellers.  A looser team blessed with good ML’s will be a cash cow soon.  Good fortune and watch as these patterns hopefully turn into a profit reality for HRWager customers.

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