MMA News : New York Finally Lifts Ban

HRWager’s MMA News looks at the end of one of the more odd stalemates in all sports.  The state of New York finally has ended their ban on professional MMA bouts.  This makes the last state among the 50 in the union to be able to do this.  A collective roar must have been heard in UFC headquarters as Madison Square Garden and other venues to the state are finally opened up to them.  Good Morning HRWager fans as today we look at the news that took the Mixed Martial Arts word by storm yesterday.

MMA News : The Process

MMA News 3/23

This was not by decree or simply letting the governor have his say as the process to allow this to happen was quite lengthy.  Bill NoA02604 had to pass three committees and then get to the floor of the legislature.  Needing 76 votes to pass, a mark of 113 said yes and passage was complete.  Now it goes to the governor for his signature.  It is expected that Andrew Cuomo to put pen to paper and finalize it all.  This would thwart seven years of stalling by Sheldon Silver.  He was the former Speaker of the House in New York who got nailed with corruption charges early this year.  Without him there, the bill was finally allowed to complete its course.

UFC 200 : Vegas

The old fight capitol of the world used to be Madison Square Garden.  A sense of nostalgia would have been felt if UFC 200 would have been there.  Alas such a marquee UFC event has to be planned out well in advance and this bills passage was too late.  For one thing, after the signature, the state has 120 days to establish the rules and protocols that govern MMA within their borders.  Good news out of this is that fighters have to have $1 million dollar insurance policies against head injuries.  The policies are to be paid for by the promoter.

Out of the Stone Age New York has come in allowing MMA pro fights to occur in their great state.  They see the cents and dollars to this action.  HRWager can not wait to see the banner event that will open up MSG to UFC.  Stay tuned to this and all other key developments in the sport.  Here we allow your superior sports speculation skill to translate into dollars in all the contact sports that we love to wager on.  Good fortune and we will see you later in the day here at the HRW.


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