Montreal BC : CFL Free Pick of the Week 9/9

Montreal BC

Going into the home stretch of the CFL season, Montreal BC has an added wrinkle to what was an ordinary game.  Good morning and glad to see everyone here at HRWager.  BC Lions at 7-3 are one of the new breed of risk adverse teams north of the border.  Grind them down is part of practicality and the rest the result of being on the road a lot as of late.  Now that they have a more friendly home stretch, will they loosen up on the reins a bit?  Game is on Friday at 10 PM so let us examine where the profit is in this one at HRWager?

Montreal BC : QB Benched

A wild card has been introduced into this game by Montreal (3-7).  The Alouettes decided to bench Kevin Glenn in favor of Kato.  Glenn is 37 years old and he is not going to be the franchise signal caller.  His touchdown to interception ratio is near even and that is not going to quite cut it to tread water.  Now they go to Kato who is 24 and has a good arm combined with scrambling ability. He was in action for one game where Glenn was out with an eye injury but did little.  However, this is the best move for the future of the franchise.  How will it benefit our pockets with Montreal being a + 9 1/2 road dog?

Lions in a Quandry

Recognizing that it will be very hard to catch Calgary at 8-1-1, do they let their young quarterback play more?  BC is pretty risk adverse and it almost cost them in Toronto.  Barely moving the ball, the Lions woke up in the last four minutes of the game.  Jonathon Jennings looked like a vet dinking and dunking his team down the field for the game winning field goal.  Fact is that these games at home verses Montreal should be slam dunks.  Opening up gives the element of a crap shoot to a team more than willing to roll the dice in the Alouettes.

Maintaining the lead against Winnipeg is more important than any other ramification.  Look for tight to the vest play.  There is always a chance at self destruction for Montreal but look for them to have a gameplan for Kato.  +9 1/2 is a lot to spot a team when you have a conservative nature.  Take Montreal plus the points here.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.

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