Montreal Ottawa CFL Expert Tip for 8/19

Montreal Ottawa

Return engagement of Montreal Ottawa will see no love loss between these two teams.  Passion on the field and profit in our pockets with HRWager’s CFL Expert Tip for 8/19.  Injury status has a big role to play in this game.  Both sides are looking for key returns to put the pep back in the step of their seasons.  Opener of – 9 1/2 on Ottawa has contracted slightly to -9.  Hard to believe a Burris lead Montreal team could be this level of favorite by his below average return from injury.  Which is the way to the path of profit in this one?

Montreal Ottawa : Make or Break Time

Fourth week that a rushed back into action Henry Burris from a bad finger.  He has been underwhelming for the most part.  The man who took over for him while he was out was on absolute fire before he himself got hurt.  Now Trevor Harris is soon going to return to health.  Consider this an audition not only for his job but career at this point for the over 40 year old Burris.  In our opinion, it should be the end of the road but the below average Alouettes defense should give him some extra weeks.

Duron Carter

Got to love feisty players on bad teams.  Duron Carter is a wide receiver on the go nowhere Alouettes this year.  Back in June 30, Duron proceeded towards the Ottawa bench and knocked down their coach.  Melee ensued and when the dust cleared, Duron was ejected and further suspended.  Now the time for the appeal to be heard is right before this game.  Without Carter, an anemic offense for Montreal gets worse. With him and Ottawa might lose their mind trying to get back at him.  Make no mistake, the next time these teams meet with Carter on the field, fireworks are going to happen.

Had it not been for that near riot in Montreal then the Alouettes might roll over for his one.  Duron’s presence or lack of it will fuel Montreal for this game.  -9 on Ottawa is a severe gamble considering Burris is still at QB.  Go with Montreal +9 for your HRWager CFL Expert Tip of the Week.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.



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