NASCAR Road Course Free Pick at Sonoma 6/26

NASCAR Road Course


Sonoma sees a NASCAR Road Course Free Pick from HRWager for Sunday.  3:20 PM EST approx start time on Fox Sports 1 has a 110 lap course spanning just under 220 miles in total.  A completely different skill set for the drivers will be needed in this one.  This is one of the few races that does not allow the hypnotic drone of the engines to get the cars in the comfort zone.  Let us pounce on what is sure to be some inaccurate lines for this race on June 26th.

NASCAR Road Course 

Mathematics will have less to do with who wins here.  Predominant factor in most of the races has been factors like fuel conservation and whether to change two or four tires.  What will be a factor is the ability to handle the numerous cautions in this race.  More bumping than normal per design of the course.  Tempers have been known to get lost leading to some good crashes as well for those fans that watch out for those type of conflicts.


Rookie drivers do not do well here.  Too much out of their comfort zone to ask their limited impromptu driving skills to cope with the environment.  Experience is not the end all though.  Tony Stewart used to do well here.  Average finish just outside the top ten in his illustrious career.  However, his skills are eroding and it shows here.  Fade in the heads up portion against whom he is pitted against is fitting for Smoke on this course.

Seven different winners here in the same number of years.  Not part of the qualification for the Chase so look for a ringer to come through here.  AJ Allmendinger comes to mind for us here.  Here and at the Glen are his best two chances.  He is the best prepared of the field.  Impromptu driving skills are above average.  Take him for a Top Three and head to head matchups.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.



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