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Nationals at Dodgers


Nationals at Dodgers gives us another look at the new wonder kid in LA (40-33).  Used to be that young pitchers were just thrown into the fray without concern about the longevity of careers and such.  Now with pitch count and innings used as hard stops, franchises are leaning more towards gradually breaking in pitchers.  Julio Urias is the subject in question.  He will be given two more starts before a decision could be made on how long he stays up in the majors.  So follow us at HRWager to see if a wager on LA at -120 is prudent against Washington (43-29) this evening at 10PM?

Nationals at Dodgers : Urias Hitting a Groove

Is this the wave of the future?  Urias is on a diet which force feeds him maximum pitch counts of 70.  This explains why is innings pitched in the last three are only 14.1 despite a WHIP of 1.05 with a sub two ERA.  He gives up few base on balls with plenty of finishing power at 22 strikeouts.  These numbers will go down slightly as more footage of him comes out over his next year of starts.  For right now. he has overcome a rough MLB start and now looks to take on one of the better teams in the National League.  However, the Nats are really vulnerable right now having dropped four in a row on the road after the heartbreaking 3-2 loss last night.

RISP Bitting Them

Kazmir did not have his A game on the mound for LA but the Nats went only 1-10 RISP last night.  Baker realizes this and has made adjustments to the lineup but they have not taken.  Zimmermann is below .200 with runners in scoring position.  Teams adjusted by walking Murphy ahead of him to get to Zimmermann.  So they are asking a lot of Ross as he strides to the mound tonight.  His recent numbers are a struggle to say the least.  WHIP of 1.24 is average and he has only let in six walks.  However, his ERA is 5.82 which translates to an inability to up his game in tight situations as of late.  Does not bode well for a team that does not convert on their own offensive end.

Here we have a slanted situation at the start of the game.  The ML on the Dodgers first five innings bet and for the game are the same at -134 right now.  Such an advantage for the LA starter combined with the Nats horrid RISP give us our play of the day.  Bet the first five innings ML of the Dodgers at -134.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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