NBA Betting Bankroll Boost Out West for 11/18

Our NBA Betting bankroll is bound to grow after the game tonight.  We feature a selection with an often injured player.  While he might not be out for this one, any slow down in his game will cause his team to be steamrolled.  So HRwager’s focus shifts to the western United States.  Let us take a gander at the Chicago Bulls on the first game of their roadtrip to face the Phoenix Suns in late night NBA action.

NBA Betting : Rose Hurt Again

NBA Betting

Derrick is once again hurting.  This time he missed the later stages of the Pacers’ game on Monday night.  His off the cuff remark that at least it is not torn or broken is very illuminating.  First of all it is based on his history of missing massive time with leg ailments.  The second is that if he gets to the court he will be a tad slower.  In the slower defensive minded days, this would not be as bad as the offensive minded Bulls these days.  Finally, Jimmy Butler will have to take more on his shoulder but he is the wrong type of player in this situation.

Fast Feet

Bledsoe and Knight are literally running the show for the Suns.  Their composition reminds one of the post Melo Nuggets.  This Denver team had a lot of depth and loved to run.  They relied on the altitude while the Suns have more talent at the guard position.  This is where they exploit Jimmy Butler.  The Bulls is an outstanding player but his height and body composition is not best suited for a track meet.  Watch them run at almost every situation.

Spread of -2 has grown to – 2 1/2.  Now is the time to jump on this value.  Experience the growth in your bankroll by betting this.  Good fortune today and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.


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