NBA Fade Alert : Chicago Bulls

Our NBA Fade Alert revolves around the Chicago Bulls.  Their star, Jimmy Butler, went down with a knee injury that will keep him out until at least the first week of March.  The Bulls (27-25) were not exactly rolling along but got crushed at home right before the All-Star break by the Hawks.  Now our linesmaker will be forced to depart from formulas and cap the team.  Will he under or over value Chicago in their upcoming games?

Chance to Shine

Two players can really step forward and cast doubt on the naysayers.  Odd to think that a former MVP would have to do so with Derrick Rose could use this time to highlight his remaining skill set.  Of more interest is the wild card the Bulls have found.  E’Twaun Moore is not only exciting but has the upside that made Whitehead of Miami burst on the scene.  These are reasons why one could rally to Chicago and see that they would be under valued without Butler!

Indifference to Defense


This team has lost the habits of the previous regime when it comes to team defense.  Jimmy Butler was one of the better defenders and he is gone.  Now will the team become more run and gun despite a thin bench.  This is the problem that Chicago faces.  Past attitudes would serve them well here but the team might tank the season rather than give of their new found freedom.  Effort laden coverage wins games in the regular season but do these payers have it in them to show up day in and day out.  Can the coach adjust mid stream and ditch some of the work he has put into the revamped Bulls?

The knife will go too deep when it comes to the Bulls and the spread.  Look for Rose to care more and play with the energy he used to.  Moore will be the sparkplug to spur them on.  If not for the All-Star Break, Chicago might be reeling.  The rest and adjustments will help.  Embrace the Bulls and the new spreads on them for the next two weeks.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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