NBA Finals are Set : Cleveland @ Golden State

NBA Finals


2016 NBA Finals are here and it only appears to be a rehash of last year.  Golden State triumphed in their Game Seven last night in a 98-86 win.  The third quarter was the Thunder’s undoing as they only scored a dozen points.  Now the defending champs are set to take on Cleveland this Thursday.  Good Morning HRWager friends and family.  Today, we start our preview of this year’s finals.  Let us see which path is the road to travel for profit this June in the NBA.

NBA Finals : Price

Popular for an event of this magnitude is the series price.  What will we have to pay to back our choice on who will win the whole thing?  Home court plus some other factors see the Golden State Warriors as the favorites here.

  1. Golden State Warriors -220
  2. Cleveland Cavs +180

Even with the Big Three and the Warriors going seven, the defending champs get the nod of LeBrons crew.  This also translates into a sizable advantage in the spread for Game One.  A -5 1/2 to -6 on Golden State is where the market is stabilizing right now.

Small Market Superstars

NBA has a mixed bag of marketing here.  Golden State and Cleveland are two of the smaller markets in the league.  While not the oblivion like Salt Lake City, at least these sites superstars to help the ratings and betting.  People tend to lose their mind betting for or against LeBron.  He is that polarizing of a figure.  There is no unspoken excuses this time as Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are there for Game One.  For an older team, the rest that the Cavs continue to get will help them out immensely here.

Both our Game One and Series Free Picks to Profit by will come tomorrow.  This morning is a time for that second cup of coffee after a late night.  It got as close as four points in the late going before the Warriors punched the afterburners.  Congrats to those who backed Golden State’s three games to one comeback.  Your investment came through.  Now it is onto the action on Thursday.  Check in with us tomorrow for our NBA Finals Preview here at HRWager.



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