NBA Finals : Draymond Suspended

NBA Finals

End of the road for the NBA Finals in Game Five this Monday?  Question that most have on their mind heading back to Golden State.  The Warriors won the last game to give them the cherished 3-1 series lead.  32 times in the past has a team lead by this margin.  All have gone on to win the championship.  So does this Cavs team that has shown little heart have what it takes to extend the season back to Ohio?  We will answer this question and others right now here at HRWager!


NBA Finals : Barnes

Real MVP talk should be about Harrison Barnes in the last game.  His defense in Game Four in the first quarter allowed the Warriors to escape the ruin they were in right away in Game Three.  Fourth quarter saw him hit that three that gave the Warriors an 84-83 lead that started the key run of the game.  He has risen his game after this years average showing of his in the playoffs.  Look for one last push tonight so he can get paid.  His projection for a free agent contrast is near the $20 million mark because of the increase of payroll from all the teams in 2017.

The Task at Hand

Cleveland hit the wall in Game Four.  Rotation was shortened too much by Lue last game.  Irving in particular hit the wall at the end.  Two issues come to the fore front.  One is the dramatic decrease in attempted three points by the Cavs.  Coverage by the Warriors has been better  but not to the level where they have ten less attempts per game.  Secondly, the minutes have been slashed for Dellaveodva.  Kyrie has been overused and now the Cavs can not recoup in time on the West Coast.

-8 opener went down to – 6 1/2 because of Draymond Green being suspended.  He will be missed but the Cavs are a spent and defeated team.  No way do they win at Golden State.  Without a lot of heart, give the points and go for Golden State for the blowout clinching win.  Good fortune and we will see you on Monday here at the HRW.


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