NBA Finals Game Six : Golden State at Cleveland Pick 6/16


NBA Finals Game Six

Cleveland showed heart and extend us to an NBA Finals Game Six.  Good afternoon basketball fans here at HRWager.  Draymond is coming back but Andrew Bogut might be out.  The defending champs are having to overcome injuries while the Cavs are having a moment of clarity.  Their scoring is now concentrated and this has the Cleveland attack running on a higher gear.  Find out which way HRWager sees this one going on June 16th with a 9PM start time.


NBA Finals Game Six : Draymond vs Home Court

Here is where the added elements are pivotal for Game Six.  We have the home court advantage where the Cavs should be better from three point land while Golden State should dip some more.  Warriors should be in a little bit more of a comfort zone with Draymond Green being back.  While they might not have Bogut, Draymond is more valuable in his varied skill set and leadership he brings.  Oddsmakers took a safe approach and had the Cavs as a -1 point favorite.  The market has shifted this all the way to – 2 1/2 on Cleveland for this Thursday game.

Bogut Better Than Love?!

One of the curious cases is whether Andrew will be available for Game Six.  Unlike football, the NBA does not require the team to disclose the likelihood an athlete is going to make it to the floor.  So while Kevin Love might be the better player, he does not have the defined role that Bogut does.  Hence, the items that Andrew brings to the table are going to be missed more.  Interior defense that deters Kyrie from relentlessly driving to the hoop.  Without him, the duo from Cleveland could both post 40+ points again on Thursday.

Lue has a gameplan laid out for him.  LeBron and Kyrie on offense. Put the role players where most vital and to heck with other point production.  Golden State will have to show their defensive merits to win here.  Legacy on the line for LeBron in Cleveland.  He does not disappoint.  Take the Cleveland moneyline for the win here.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at HRWager.



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