NBA Free Pick 2/23 : Pelicans at Washington

Trends in NBA Free Picks can be overridden by a few considerations.  Current monster momentum is one of them.  Team energy is another.  On Tuesday, we have a New Orleans team that usually struggles on the road against teams from the East.  However, this team with a thin bench has had plenty of time to rest over the All- Star Break.  They travel to Washington where NO is a + 3 1/2 road underdog for 2/23’s game.

NBA Free Pick : Unknown Territory

NBA Free Pick 2/23

Three games in three days.  A rarity in the league but something that the Wizards had to endure.  Not only that but they had to travel from Detroit to Miami for the third leg.  They are back home and had Sunday and Monday off. Still that is an awful lot to absorb.  Now they get to face a Pelican’s team that is making a monster push.  Davis had a 50-20 game that only a few players before had done.  While he has the energy, he is near unstoppable.  New Orleans will peak in a week or so but right now they are red hot.


At Washington

Even without this push, New Orleans was never out of it in their last two games at Washington.  The total difference combined in their two last losses were four points.  Davis had his way on the interior.  Wall oddly struggles against this team.  At only 22-33, this is the last time that New Orleans will be pertinent to those other teams above them chasing spots in the East.

Avlin Gentry knows that this is the time to make the push.  Throw everything he has in trying to get the Pelicans to .500.  If he can do this then the season is salvagable.  Down eleven games under the break even point is going to be tough.  However, Washington is lamenting their loss of status in the league while New Orleans is still working.  Pelicans + 3 1/2 is a gift.  Invest in New Orleans on 2/23 for your NBA Free Pick of the Day.


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