NBA Free Pick : Atlanta at Golden State

Heavy is the head that wears the crown is our NBA Free Pick angle for 3/1.  Atlanta gets to visit Golden State in a moment of vulnerability.  Health both physical and mental are showing signs of weakness.  While a money upset might not be in the cards, a projected double digit spread cover is.  Good Morning and welcome to HRWager.  Today, we will hear about how a 53-5 team might not be on such a roll tonight as they usually are in most other circumstances.

NBA Free Pick : Draymond is not a Robot

Halftime of the game between Golden State and Oklahoma City is where it all came to a boil.  Locker rooms are somewhat isolated.  For people on the outside to hear clearly, the speaker really has to amp up the volume.  This is what Draymond Green did in his displeasure over head coach Steve Kerr.  Thanks to watchnba201415 for uploading the following video.

Sanity prevailed as the issue was put to rest for the second half.  One has to wonder how it will fester for Tuesday’s game?

Curry’s Ankle

Lost in the verbal altercations was the fact that we still do not know the exact extent of Steph Curry’s ankle injury.  He status remains unknown for the west coast tip off tonight against the Hawks.  Even if he makes a go of it, he will be nowhere near the 100 percent level.  This has led to the linesmakers taking a hands off approach.  This is to the sports investor’s advantage as they have to post numbers soon.  Projections of -11 1/2 on the Warriors have been floating around the office this morning.

While not falling apart, the Warriors have some chinks in the armor to address.  Kerr’s failing health could not have been helped by Draymond yelling at him.  Curry’s ankle and leg problems have been on and off this year.  Finally, chemistry is not the strongest that it has been.  All this makes a Hawks + double digit spread very attractive.  If this is the number that comes out then pounce on Atlanta for your 3/1 profit.

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