NBA Free Pick : Thunder at Warriors 2/6

HRWager’s NBA Free Pick of the Day pits a truer test for the Golden State Warriors (45-4) as they host the Thunder.  Beating the Spurs was sort of a litmus test but the franchise still needs to see if their is anything left to tweak.  The finals rematch against the Cavs was a trial in getting David Blatt fired from Cleveland.  Motivation is a key thing in this league and Oklahoma City will be up for this one after Curry dissed them with dismissive comments.  Still, the market has shifted towards Golden State even more after the market opened up for this late night NBA game.

Old vs New

NBA Free Pick 2/6

Two star players verses one star and a system that utilizes all the talents that the Warriors have.  Durant and Westbrook are a throwback to how teams were built a few years ago when the Heat ruled the roost.  Is it still viable or is it just that the Warriors are that special to make their formula work?  The art of the mid range jumper, deadly three point shooting, and nearly impossible to guard spacing elements has allowed this team to roll through the regular season so far.  It is a fun style of basketball that is not as energy intensive nor abrasive as the old physical style the league had a scant few years ago.

Attrition is No Factor

Momentum will be and both teams have it.  Westbrook is triple doubling all over the place.  Durant is scoring with ease since coming back from injury.  Curry poured in 11 three pointers and over 50 points against Washington recently.  With just four losses, they were the crown of the hunted quite well.  Now is the time when they can see what they can accomplish against two superstars in their prime tonight.

Market has moved all the way to + 8 1/2 on the Thunder.  In a normal game where Golden State pours it on, double digits are fine to spot.  However, two prideful players in their prime have taken offense to the slights of the Warriors.  This will be one heck of a game tonight.  Full effort gives the Thunder + 8 1/2 our nod as the NBA Pick of the Day.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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