NBA Free Picks : Heavy Handed West Favorites 4/17

NBA Free Picks


First day of the NBA Playoffs and HRWager’s NBA Free Picks have a clear indication of how top heavy the Western Conference is.  While the underdogs in the East covered or even in one case SU upset, the west was a mere formality.  Both Golden State and Oklahoma City had their games in firm control by half time.  Will either of them have any chance of covering in Game Two?


NBA Free Picks : Houston Should?!

There 3:30PM game on Saturday had immense energy to start off the game.  Golden State appreciates their team and came out to support.  To their credit, Houston came out literally fighting.  Trying to push Steph Curry around might not have been the wisest course of action but the Rockets showed up despite their 104-78 loss.  How can this be said of a 1st quarter that had a Warriors 33-15 advantage?  Easy it was the offense that led the Rockets down.  Houston showed the willingness to play defense and did so well.  Their turnovers and way ward shooting in the first was too much to overcome.  However, in the face of another spread near -13 points, the Rockets should be your play here.  This is the same Rockets team that made a deep playoff run last year.  Look for them to improve on the offensive end while keeping that defensive energy

Dallas is Buried

59-37 lead to a 108-70 destruction.  All that progress that Dallas made in getting here without Chandler Parsons was due to effort.  This could not stop the Thunder in the least.  Oklahoma City is going to be really strong in a seven game series due to their season luck metric being so low.  While the Warriors and Spurs for the most part maximized their regular season, OK City was determined to just get into it healthy.  Their two star players probably eclipse any other tandem in the league.  This includes James and Irving out east.  No way Dallas is going to get their legs back before they get home.  The double digit spread of -12 1/2 is not in peril here.  Go with the Thunder minus the points on Monday.

A one-two combination for your bankroll growth is here at HRWager. Embrace the Rockets to backdoor into the +13 cover against Golden State in Game Two.  Dallas is completely gassed so go with the Thunder -12 1/2 at the 10:30 PM start for your nightcap.  Good fortune to your investments and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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