NBA Futures : Curious Case of Crawford

NBA Futures could be put on their ear by an addition that would normally fly under the radar.  A unique set of skills that Jamal Crawford could bring a team in undeniable.  The oddness of the situation in which a 35 year old guard could hold some sway over the immediate destiny of three franchises is fascinating.  HRWager will examine three of his possible destinations and the ramifications he could have on each.

NBA Futures : Crawford to the Cavs

NBA futures

This will not result in much more movement in regards to winning the east or the whole dam thing but it should.  JR. Smith was not the missing link they had pegged him to be.  While Jamal brings an almost same level of combustion, he gives you a better driving scoring punch that the Cavs need off of the bench.  He is almost as nasty as JR but much better at their perspective stages.  If this happens then invest some more on the futures for the Cavs.

To the Knicks and Thomas

The tweet that utters the former Knicks GM casts a pall over what Phil is doing.  Trouble is that other than drafting the Fighting Irish kid, no one else can divine a plan.  He gives some relief to Anthony who does not have to score buckets of baskets because there will be no third max deal for him.  Problem is that he is too old for the youth movement that is in NY.  If they get him, the Knicks win five to six more games but derail their retooling by a year.

Finally, he could stay in Los Angeles where they have been looking to ship him all summer.  Lance Stephenson was thought to have usurped him there but he has come out and said the right things about the situation.  With Lance on board, this adds another option to what was a thin Clippers bench.  Problem is that with such a delicate team, can they afford to trade depth for the future when it is now?  If he stays with the Clippers, look to bet on them later.  After all if one goes for a championship future and nuclear winter happens with Stephenson then there is little hedging out of it.  Good fortune with our NBA future impressions surrounding Jamal Crawford and we will talk to you tomorrow here at HRWager.

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