NBA Game Seven : Cleveland at Golden State 6/19

NBA Game Seven 6/19

HRWager’s coverage of NBA Game Seven is electric for the excitement of the situation.  One last game to determine the fate of two franchises.  One is on the cusp of becoming a repeat champion.  The other is courting the chance to finally bring a title to Cleveland.  These implications alone make it one of the must watch events of the spring and summer.  Sunday the 19th at 8PM sees the Warriors as a current five point favorite at home.  Let us see how we can profit from this entertaining situation here at HRWager.

NBA Game Seven : First Quarter

Few games in this series have survived the first quarter.  One team or the other finds momentum and rides the wave to a clear cut lead.  Who would have thought the Golden State would get just 11 points in the first quarter last time out?  It was over after that but not for the reasons one would think.  Certainly, the Warriors have the means to catch up from such a deficit after only 12 minutes into it.  Instead it was the defensively liabilities in part from Andrew Bogut’s injury that caused this.  Golden State could not consistently stop the dribble penetration of the Cavs.  Too many easy points on the one end would thwart any attempt at a Golden State comeback here.

So What Needs to Happen for GS to Hang On?

Odd that we think of the Warriors as the ones being on the cliff.  Two chances to close it out would certainly produce some panic.  Most of the -5 spread is based on the game being at Golden State.  What corrections are in store from Steve Kerr?  Will his complaints result in a different way of officiating?  This game will be all about hwo the whistles go early on.  If the Cavs are allowed to bulldoze their way in and get most of the contact calls to go against Golden State then they should not only cover but win the title!  This is it.  Cavs are playing about as well as they can.  Two dominant scorers with the rest playing their roles to perfection.  Meanwhile, Andre and Harrison for the Warriors have to show up.  So processing all of this, where does this take us down the path of profit?

The total holds the keys to our bankroll in this one.  207 1/2 has gone down to 206 1/2.  The market movement in this direction is wrong.  Almost all Warrior scenarios winning has the title going over.  Cav wins on the road could see the total go over as well but with a lot less degree of certainty.  Home team will dictate tempo on Sunday Night.  Cavs have the scoring to keep up.  Our Free Pick to Profit by is the over 206 1/2 for Game Seven.  Good fortune and we will see you on Sunday here at HRWager.


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