NBA Handicapping : Shutting Teams Down 3/22

NBA Handicapping 3/22

Good Morning from HRWager as we examine NBA Handicapping heading into the last dozen or so games.  At this point, we have three scenarios in play.  Teams in the scramble for the playoffs.  Those that are jockeying for seeding.  Finally, there are the walking dead among us.  How to extract profit from all three of these scenarios?  Obviously, some are more stable than others but this is a time ripe for profit in NBA Betting.  Join us here at HRWager as today and tomorrow, we examine which teams can still be invested with to bloom our bankrolls this spring.


NBA Handicapping : Shut Down on Spurs

Out of all the teams that are not afraid of strolling into Golden State, the Spurs are it.  There could have been a full moon out in Charlotte as the Spurs squandered a 23 point lead to lose 90-87.  Now they stand at 59-11 which puts them four games out of the #1 seed with twelve to play.  Only their undefeated home season could have them playing hard in some games.  Combine that with a visit to Golden State on April 7th and it is clear what the games of interest are on our end.

  1. 3/25 Memphis
  2. 3/26 @ Oklahoma City
  3. 3/28 @ Memphis

March Madness

Do not let March Madness catch you short of these NBA investing opportunities.  Plenty of profit to be made in the college ranks but these Spurs’ games will be in unknown territory.  With the prospects of either resting players or lesser minutes, the models our linesmakers can not handle so many elements in flux.  This is where the advantage lies with the sports handicapper.  We have to put up numbers on every game.  Some games will slip through the cracks and these are going to be some of them.

Now that we know our prospect for profit on the Spurs.  Part II tomorrow will look at the last push by the borderline teams.  Dwight Howard and his sticky hands.  Will this be a costly distraction for a team tied with Dallas and holding off hungry Utah for a playoff spot?  All this and more from your friends here at HRWager. Good forunte and we will see you later on today here at the HRW.


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