NBA Injury Update : Rose 1/4

Concerns about overworking himself has led HRWager to issue this NBA Injury update on Derrick Rose.  While Chicago is now Butler’s team, the former MVP still plays a pivotal part in their future plans.  Sitting out three games due to a tender hamstring, Derrick has now voiced his concerns about discomfort in his knee.  Let us sit down together at HRWager and see where this latest revelation will lead us in our basketball wagering for January.

NBA Injury Update : MRI Monday

NBA Injury update


Same right knee that has had two season ending injuries to it.  While panic is not running rife, an MRI was ordered so that the team can get in front of this right away.  What comes into question is how a 27 year old player can be overworked in the NBA?  Is this knowing your bodies limit after these devistating setbacks?  Or more of never being the player he once was and losing that fearlessness that made him such a tough player to cover?

Minutes Restriction

How it affects us is with the totals!  The Fred Hoiberg system is a stark departure from Tom’s overtly defensive style the Bulls had for years.  This and an orbital eye problem in pre season has seen Rose have some of his lowest point totals for his career.  With the linesmakers depending more on mathematical models, they are now in a quandry over Chicago.  Even if he can make it back for the next game against the Bucks, Rose will be on a minute restriction rotation for some time to come.

This week it would benefit handicappers to look on the low side for the Bulls.  Territory like this is new and the linesmakers have too many games to put out lines for both pro and college.  HRWager wishes you good fortune in this angle and we will see you next time to see how this is progressing.



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