NBA News : Blatt’s Lose is Our Gain


Ironically the first game post Dave Blatt is against the Chicago Bulls.  The one franchise that is going through their own growing pains after firing an oppressive coach.  Good Morning and welcome to HRWager.  Today, we will examine the wagering aspects of the Cleveland Cavs now that they finally got their way and got the player’s coach they wanted.  Snarky comments and lack luster efforts were the final straw that caused ownership to realize that with those huge salaries that the players are in control of their team.  So let us peek behind the veil and see what the wagering future looks like for the Cavs in the upcoming week.

Mandate on Detroit

Odd to start a Cleveland article with a note about the Detroit Pistons but hear me out.  The Cavs will exert maximum effort for two weeks to get their hand picked coach off to a strong start. Unlike the Bulls who did not know what to do with offensive freedom, the Cavs know how to pour it on.  The issue with them will start after the honeymoon period in the fight for minutes.  So looking at the schedule here is what we have.

  1.  Bulls
  2. Timberwolves on Monday
  3. Suns on Wednesday
  4. At the Pistons Friday

Crystal Ball Time

Line has gone up from -9 to the -11’s in this one.  Everyone is expecting the rout to occur.  For viewing pleasure, this will be a war because the Bulls have to respond in kind or else they look foolish for firing Tim.  Instead of the spread, wager the over on the total.  Minny and Suns will be wins but with monster spreads, fading the Cavs against the Wolves should be profitable.  The Suns will got so squashed if their coach is not fired by then which leads us back to the Pistons.

Detroit’s Stan Van Gundy is a taskmaster but also the GM.  His team has Brandon Jennings playing for next years contract with Andre Drummond coming up shortly after that.  This is the type of team that Dave Blatt would do well with.  This is where another fade of the Cavs will hit.  LeBron sees no threat in the Pistons and first game on the road, the Cavs will be business like.  Meanwhile, the Pistons will treat this game with so much more emphasis.  Look for another Cavs fade.  So while probably the best move for the Cavs, it might make them more of a fade than a buy against the spread for the upcoming week.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at HRWager.


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