NBA News : Derrick Rose Ready to Be Shipped?

Divorce is in the air in this edition of HRWager’s NBA News.  Derrick Rose and the Windy City seemed to be made for each other but multiple seasons lost to injury have tried the patience of the Bulls franchise.  With his value coming back up, ownership is interested in seeing what they can get for him with two years left.  One of the suitors that would have plenty to offer is the Sixers.  Would this work so that both the player and the club can just move forward.


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Two years and forty one million is not that much of an obstacle for a team ready to make the leap.  Philadelphia has been blessed with young talent and high draft picks for their decade of suffering.  Ten first round picks and an incredible thirteen selections all the way until 2021 means they have a ton to offer for Chicago.  The Bulls would miss his impact somewhat as he is only averaging 13.3ppg this season.  Let us examine what the lineup could be.


With backcourt mate Nik Stauskas, Derrick Rose would have Okafor and Noel already on the court.  Embiid is due back from injury.  Place Dario Saric into the mix and this team could be playoff bound right now.  Chicago is still early  enough in a new tenure to weather the change and keep up the pace in the 2015 season.  It is not like they have not had to plan to play without Rose.  They have done so plenty of times in the past.

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