NBA News : Golden State’s 54 Game Home Streak Snapped

HRWager’s NBA News is covering Golden State’s March Towards Immortality.  Most had thought that at 68-7 that the all time best record of the Bulls (72-10) was a mere formality at this point.  After all 5-2 gets the Warriors that coveted notch in their belt.  Alas the road got a lot more bumpy after last night.  Boston strolled into Golden State and stole a 109-106 victory to snap the 54 game home winning streak and plummet the Warriors to a 68-8 record.

NBA News : Waning Moments

After the initial shock wears off, look at the end of the video as pure mayhem consumed.  The refs were in no way going to call Golden State for an offensive foul to end this streak.  Look at the almost comical WWE way a player goes flying over a Golden State player.  Alas, Curry got a good look and there was that desperate attempt at the end to contend with.  Remember that Boston was on the West Coast on the end of consecutive games when they pulled this off.

Thank You to Aqupas for posting this on Youtube

Still All About Curry

Boston went full throttle in the attempt to stop one man.  Thwart Stephen Curry and let the dominoes fall where they made.  People on social media were laughing at all five players on the floor surrounding Curry but it did wok.  Even after all of that, Curry got his 29 points.  The letdown occurred when Thompson bricked it going 6-16.  Barnes had eleven shots with just 14 points.  Boston showed mental toughness and has to be considered a pesky opponent in the East when the playoffs come around.

So now we stand at 68-8 with six games to go.  5-1 is needed to break the record.  Two games left with the Spurs but we have yet to see how interested they are at fielding a full team so late in the season.  What was assumed to happen now is much more up in the air.  Stay tuned to HRWager as we cover this march towards one of the NBA’s greatest records. Good fortune today and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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