NBA News Kevin Durant Defects to Golden State 7/5

NBA News Kevin Durant

Fourth of July featured an enemy defection in NBA News.  Kevin Durant could not beat them on the field of battle so he decided to join them.  Duran signs a two year deal to create a Big Four in Golden State.  Good Morning as we all recover from the long weekend.  What will the landscape of the league feature now?  Will it just all be academic now?  Let us look at why it might not be a layup to the title for Golden State.


NBA News Kevin Durant Fallout

Let us address the immediate ramifications for the teams.  Thunder now faces the fate of their franchise.  Extend the contract of Russell Westbrook right now or trade him immediately.  If you let him dangle for a year, he is not going to come back when he turns free agent in 2017.  Look for this to happen in the next month or so.  Meanwhile, the Warriors have to shed a lot of weight to get under the cap space.  Harrison Barnes offer from the Mavericks will not be matched.  Bogut is going to be traded to Dallas in an effort to shave salary.  Festus Ezeli has been given his release.  A lot of the people that do the labor behind the scenes are suddenly gone from this championship tier team.

Pondering NBA Futures

First off some of the markets are offering +15000 on Golden State being an undefeated champion.  We do not advise an investment on that one.  Warriors are near a -150 favorite to win the championship at this early stage.  Cavs are of course second.  Celtics peek in as the fourth favorite near +2000.  What we project is that they will not eclipse 70 regular season wins.  Chemistry will have to be solved.  Who is going to be thrown under the bus in point and minute reduction?  Which players are going to go to the boards hard?  Draymond is gritty but a lot of the toughness outside of him on the team is now gone.

In the end, this All-Star team is going to get bored in the regular season.  They will only be judged by what they do in the post season.  Look for them to tread water and then shift into that higher gear.  Should be an interesting and profitable year fading the Warriors massive spreads during the regular season.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at the HRW.


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