NBA News : Lakers Beat Warriors : Fade 72 Wins?

NBA News

HRWager’s NBA News is here with the stunner of the day.  Kobe goes out on top against the Warriors pasting Golden State 112-95.  This puts the leagues best team at 55-6.  Earlier in the week, coach Steve Kerr indicated that he would rest his team for the playoffs before going after the Bulls 72-10 regular season win record.  This might be a little moot as the Spurs are not going away at 53-9 for best record in the West.  We here at the HRW decided to look at what type of teams the Warriors falter against and whether you should embrace or fade wagers on Golden State meet or eclipsing 72 regular season wins.


NBA News : Clank

If Curry can not make the threes than almost always Klay has been there to pick up the slack.  Not today in Los Angeles as they went a combined 1-18 from beyond the arc.  As a team, they shot 4-30 on their three pointers.  With almost everyone going bagel from long distance, Golden State is pretty crippled.  It is odd that this team suffers on two fronts.

  1. Most of their losses have been against really bad teams
  2. Blowouts have been the norm when the Warriors lose.

With the exception of the Blazers, the rest could almost be the second tier or even worse in the league.  Mavericks by 23, Pistons by 18, Bucks by 13, Lakers by 17, and the Blazers at an eye bulging 32 point loss.  Only the Nuggets two point loss was close.  It appears that in games that they care to contest to the end, they almost always win.  Not every game can have intense effort and the Warriors elect to use their energy in statements against their few peers.

Bulls’ Loses

Meanwhile in that magical 72 win Bulls season.  Only a few of the losses were against vastly inferior teams.  The 21-61 Raptors and a 35-47 Denver team were the only two real stinkers.  Even a loss against the Heat saw Rex Chapman go crazy from three point land pouring in nine of ten attempts.  It was almost as if Chicago knew more in their heart of their superiority.  They did not set out to make statements as much.  That and the Bulls dependence on the perimeter was nowhere near as much as the Warriors.

Different eras but this utilization of space and dependence on the three point shot will cause the Warriors to fall short.  No reason to lose to the Lakers here except for attrition.  They needed to conserve energy and did not take it seriously.  When the wheels start to fall off, they could not find the tire iron to make the changes in game.  If their shots fail them, there is no dominant driver or interior player to bail them out.  Fade the Warriors regular season wins wagers.  Good fortune and we will see you later today here at the HRW.


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