NBA News : Lakers Drown and Bulls Buried

NBA News 3/29

As the regular season starts to come to a conclusion, HRWager’s NBA News starts looking at the transition for next year for the also rans.  The franchises that missed the playoffs.  Last night, we had two teams that in various states of disarray.  The Lakers remain a mess but something happened on Monday that demonstrates that Byron Scott should not be the man at the helm during the rebuilding process.  In the Eastern Conference, a proud franchise has lost what made them special.  See what is in store for both LA and Chicago and how next year might have more luster than this tarnished season.

NBA News : 48 Point Loss

Utah (37-37) came into the game with the Lakers with much more to play for than LA.  At seventh in the West, they are holding off both the Rockets (36-38) and Dallas (36-38) to get into the playoffs.  However, no pro team should be buried by 48 points at any time during the season.  Not only that but Kobe Bryant was on the court going 1 for 11 during the night.  This came down to motivation as the lead was over 50 points during the game.  A young team phoned it in.  Byron Scott could not motivate them to do a dam thing.  This should be a clear sign that the rebuilding process can not continue with him.  Professionalism requires that they stay the course with him being that their is less than ten games remaining.  When legends like Magic Johnson are tweeting that the effort just was not there then his former team mate has to lose his head coaching gig next year.

Genie Out of Its Bottle

Playing for a coach like Tom Thibodeau can not be easy.  So much more effort is needed to play a defense first system like the Bulls did for many years but it worked.  Not only that but they were just a level below the LeBron lead Heat teams a few seasons ago.  Finally, the franchise opted for a fresh outlook but the air ended up being polluted.  36-37 with losing four in a row have them 2.5 games out of the playoffs with nine to go.  In one season, the team has gone shot happy with a matador approach to defense that is attempting to tire out the other team by letting them get layups.  It is an approach that simply does not work.  They have almost become the Rockets of the Eastern Conference.  If they continue to travel this path than Rose or Butler have to be shipped as chemistry still needs to be altered to have it work here.

Division of stars in Chicago might be the only way to clear the air in the Windy City.  Meanwhile, Bryon Scott has to be given his walking papers.  If he can not get his team to play professional and widdle the loss down to under 40 then he has no influence left.  Check us out tomorrow at HRWager as we start our NBA Playoffs preview as the home stretch is upon us.  Good fortune and we will see you tomorrow here at the HRW.


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