NBA News : Spurs Might Rest Team Against Warriors April 10th

NBA News 3/31

Intrigue revolving about records makes the NBA News headlines here at HRWager.  Two historical marks could fall this year.  The first is an undefeated season at home as two teams are almost there.  Secondly is the all time wins mark by the Bulls which stand at 72-10.  During a French radio show, much light was shed on both records.  A key game has become clearer by remarks made by veteran Tony Parker yesterday.  What were they and how does this effect the key stretch heading into the upcoming NBA Playoffs?


NBA News : Tony Parker

News 4 in San Antonio did the task of translating key excerpts in Tony Parker’s French radio show.  What they came across gives us good insight into the immediate future.

“I think no one will play against the Warriors.  To (pops), the most important thing is that the players are rested for the playoffs.  As for first place, he does not care.”

For us, the end of the regular season is a good time to rest.  That’s why we play hard throughout the season, tying to win the most games possible.  To find ourselves in this situation of Luxury, we are sure we will be the second seed and we can all rest before the playoffs.”

One Broken For Certain?

Now it all depends on the course that Golden State takes.  68-7 with seven games to go.  73 wins equates to a 5-2 mark the rest of the way.  For a younger team like this, the home mark and the all time record mark are achievements that they will gun for.  The added bonus is that most of their first round matchups pose little threat.  Dallas without Chandler is a gimmie.  Utah can defend well but does not have the offensive firepower to keep up.  Only Houston has the potential to slug it out if they can cure chemistry woes in time.

NBA Wagering as the season closes is a profitable sports investment venture.  Lines will be out of tune as new elements are introduced into the equations that the oddsmakers use.  By keeping an ear out to what the players say, one can gain an edge over the house this April.  Good fortune today and we will see you tomorrow here at The HRW.


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