NBA Offseason News : Golden State is Stand Up

NBA Offseason News on HRWager goes about examining the Team USA minicamp tryouts that will happen in Las Vegas.  Set for August 11th through 13th, the Olympic team hailing from the United States goes through its ups and downs in terms of participation.  Some opt out for personal reasons and others to allow their fellow pros the chance to represent their country.  The up and coming defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors has answered the bell.  Find out who is making the trek to the desert to defend the Stars and Stripes in the upcoming Olympic Games.

NBA Offseason : Entire Starting Lineup?!

HRWager had wondered if people held the champs in too high of a regard.  Yes they have an excellent team but how much of it was talent and what part was the streaky hot shooting they get from their stars.  Well the powers that be has called out that four of the starters go out for the team.  Who is the one not given an invite?  Why that would be Andrew Bogut who is down under and going to represent Australia.  Quite a feat accomplished by ownership and management for Golden State.

Golden State Gold

FIBA World Championships Gold

Experience will help guide the USA through the Olympic field and that is what Curry and Thompson bring to this team.  Both were members of the gold medal winning team at the FIBA World Championships last sumer.  Barnes and Green have their invites punched already.  Conjecture is that three of the four will have the odds in their favor of making the team.  Curry is a virtual lock while Green and Thompson have strong chances to go as well.  Harrison Barnes would be more than a mild surprise if he makes it but that has not stopped him from going to Vegas later next month.

Follow HRWager as the selection process pans out.  Blake Griffin will be one of the headliners spearheading the effort to assemble the potential gold medal winning team.  Melo will be there because media will be all around.  He is limited by injury so who knows the real reason why he is making the trip.  As for the Warriors, it is encouraging to see the Champs not resting on their laurels and doing what they can to further the aims of USA Basketball.  HRWager applauds them.  We wish all of our members good fortune this upcoming week and we will see you next time here at the HRW Blog.

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